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Nona Dirksmeyer
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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Police tactics in the Nona Dirksmeyer Investigation

       Kevin Jones agreed to be interrogated for several hours without an attorney present--he was later charged with his girlfriend's murder.

A jury acquitted him and subsequently tied DNA to a condom found in the crime scene to Gary Dunn.The Special Prosecutor Jack McQuary is believed to have DNA evidence linking Dunn to the crime scene where Dirksmeyer was killed.  An arrest affidavit states that a condom wrapper found near Dirksmeyer’s body had DNA from both her and Dunn.  And it has been revealed nearly three years after the killing that Dunn lived in the same apartment complex as Dirksmeyer at the time of the killing.

Kevin Jones felt since he had "nothing to hide," he assumed that it was okay to talk to the cops without an attorney present.....Watch this VIDEO and hear what Professor James Duane has to say about your right to never be compelled to be a witness against yourself. See Interrogation VIDEO of Kevin Jones--when cops are desperate for a confession, they will do or say anything to get an innocent person to confess to a crime they did not commit.

Nona Dirksmeyer’s nude body was found beaten and stabbed to death in her apartment on December 15th, 2005.  Her boyfriend, Kevin Jones was put on trial for her murder in July 2007 and found not guilty. Police have now arrested Gary Dunn for Dirksmeyer's killing.
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